Why "13 Reasons Why" is not for everyone

Hi there, 

I hope your day has been going well. Today I am going to talk about the really hyped up and talked about show "13 Reasons Why".  I was extremely excited for this show since Selena Gomez was the driving force behind it. (I am a huge Selena fan). Although I was extremely excited to watch it, I was a bit scared as well. The story entails around suicide, abuse and bullying, all situations which I was a bit too familiar with.  

Anyways, I stoped waiting around and jumped on the bandwagon and started watching it. And I am not going to lie, I was imediently hooked. The way the story was being told was great, it kept me on edge and wanting more. However, this show is not for everyone. One word to describe it would be  "TRIGGER!!!" 

If you have a history of abuse and or depression, you might want to steer clear of this show. Cause it can make you take a trip down memory lane in the worst possible way. As I continued watching, I found myself relating to Hannah Baker (the main character) a bit too much. It was almost scary. Like "woah shit, this is exactly how I felt". I found myself getting sadder and sadder watching the show. You're probably like "well duh, it's about a girl killing herself, do you expect to feel happy?" It's not just that. I have personally battled with depression for about three years. (woah it feels scary writing it here, cause only my close friends and councillors know about this) But I have been getting better, it took a lot of hard work and effort to get out of that place. Well I am not completely out of that place, I don't think I ever will be. But I am doing much better, I haven't been suicidal in about a whole year! And it's fucking great. Woot woot.

But shit, when I was watching this show all those dark feelings of suicide and hopelessness came rushing back. And I know I am not the only one. I did a bit of research and even talked to my friend and discovered that a lot of people got negatively affected by the show as well. I applaud the show because its very real, but it can inflict wrong emotions if you are mentally unstable. 

Although the main message of the show is "suicide is horrible",  the show often makes it seem that suicide is good a option. Because in this case Hannah Baker uses suicide as a revenge to show people how much they hurt her. And this idea of revenge could be the driving incentive for many to commit suicide. *sigh* It's complicated to explain, and I am not the best with words. So I really hope this makes sense. 

I am just saying that it sucks, cause it triggers extreme memories. So I did not finish watching season one. And you know what I don't think I am going to watch it. For the sake of my mental health its the best thing to do. 

So what I am trying to say is, yes it's a very real show, that shines light on bullying/suicide. But for some people it can be a bit too real. There are some graphic scenes and point of views which can trigger painful memories and feelings. So if you have dealt with feelings of depression/abuse/sexual assault/self-harm, I would advise you to be careful while watching this show, or just completely avoid it. 

Let me know what you think of this show, how you felt, if you agree or disagree with me. 

Thanks for reading. Stay safe. 

signing out 

Sumi Siddiqa