How to get Kicked out of Allan's Garden in Style

Hey there, olla, bonjour, hi
(wow I spent way too much time thinking of a way to start this blog)

Anyways, welcome to my website and I am excited to write my very first official blog. I just finished my first year of college and I have nothing better to do than blog about my mundane life, sooo here goes nothing woot woot.

So here is the story, I met up with my friend Kathleen and was like "yo we should totally go for a shoot" and she was like "yeah broooo lets do it !!! " (This is what our conversations sound like in my head, Kathleen is probably reading this and is very disappointed with me. #SorryNotSorry)

So we show up at Allen's Garden with our gear ready to shoot and get tons of great shots only to be patronized by this lady telling us "uh you need a permit to take pictures" . A permit ??? Say what ? But, that didn't stop us from taking pictures nah uh, we are total badass photographers who kept taking pictures. Until another staff approached us and told us to stop taking pictures. This happened about four or five times. *sigh* So we left, our hearts heavy with despair. Just kidding, we still got some great shots. Moral of the story, permits are annoying. 

Also if you care about what I am wearing here is the list:

  • Jacket: Trafuluc Outwear from Zara
  • Turtle neck: H&M
  • Jeans: Zara 

Photos done by the one and only Kathleen O'Donnell